Huge selection of hardwood flooring

There’s nothing like a hardwood floor for natural beauty and warmth, ease of cleaning, durability, and the long-term value it adds to your home. Hardwood lends character and charm to any room, and best of all - it never goes out of style.

In purchasing hardwood flooring, you are not simply laying down a ground cover. You are bringing a beautiful and natural product into your life that for centuries has been cherished for its aesthetic appeal that is both functional and long lasting.

Hardwood flooring is suitable for almost every application and environment.

Hardwood flooring is the easy choice for your needs- it’s suitable for almost every application and environment. Whether it be solid hardwood or engineered hardwood, we will help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Tielemans Fine Flooring only carries floors from reputable manufacturers to ensure our customers are buying quality hardwood floors. 

Visit our showroom today to browse our great selection of residential and commercial hardwood flooring options.

Find these great brands of Hardwood Flooring at Tielemans

    Kentwood Hardwood Floors Anderson Hardwood Floors Mirage Hardwood Flooring Shaw Floors