Meet the Tielemans Team

Tielemans couldn't have survived for so long without its incredible team of installers. Good quality products deserve proper attention which is what happens with all our installations.

Derek Tielemans - Installation Technician

Derek Tielemans
Co-owner/Installation technician

Derek Tielemans is our primary carpet installer. Don't let his easy going persona fool you, he is a skilled craftsman who knows his trade from underpad to understanding customers. Derek will be sure that the clients choice is based on form and function, not just aesthetics.

Danny Tielemans - Installation Technician

Danny Tielemans
Co-owner/Installation technician

Danny Tielemans's specialty is in the installation of hard-surface flooring: wood, laminate and vinyl. His painstaking attention to detail is evident in the end result. Such meticulous workmanship is the reason why clients recommend him so often to their friends and families.

Wendy Hodgkins - Sales Associate

Wendy Hodgkins
Sales Associate

Wendy joined our team in 2012. A graduate of Niagara College, she started her career in an interior design studio then moved on to work in residential lighting. Along the way, she joined the Faculty of Continuing Education at Mohawk College where she was an instructor for 34 years. By now a familiar face at Tielemans, Wendy puts her education and experience to good practice in assisting clients with their choices for blinds, countertops, and all types of flooring.

With so many choices available to homeowners, it can be a daunting task to make decisions. Our showroom staff helps to make it an easier job by listening and then showing clients the products that are the most suitable for the situation.